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Sheet Metal

Here at All Foreign and Domestic Uses Auto Parts, as a part of United Recyclers Group, LLC (URG), we use a parts grading system that has been set for industry wide use.  This ABC Parts Grading System has been, “developed and tested to be a viable quality system for used auto parts, and is applicable to all segments of the automotive industry.”

This starts with the inventorying and quality control of the auto parts, through training done at our facility, to ensure the recycler and the collision repair shop have a clear definition of what grade of used auto part is being supplied.

For collision parts, an “A” grade part is defined as having less than one unit of damage.  A “B” grade part is defined as having between one and less than two units of damage.  Any parts with more than two units of damage are considered “C” grade parts.  A unit of damage being defined as not exceeding the surface area of a common credit card.

Sheet metal warranty

All of our sheet metal comes with a standard lifetime warranty.